Landsacpes and slowing down

I did go offline for 3 weeks. I had been working so hard with plenty of photography, work and all that inspiration I saw on Google plus.

For the family Holiday it was time to take slowly. for week I did absolutely nothing just relax and enjoy. After that I did slowly go back to taking a few picture.

It started slowly with the sunset and a thunderstorm

We then drove to Besalu for sunrise pictures


A few day’s later we did drive back past Besalu there was an old bridge we wanted to take pictures of

The one night when I did wake up the Moon was just to big to resist

One morning I did head to the beach to catch the sunrise

And finally we did drive into the Pyrenees to take pictures of an old monastery

There was plenty of time to do noting and to get slowly back at doing what I love, take the time no pressure. No dead line. Just plain fun and some experimenting and teaching.

All pictures with my A99 and different lenses 17-35 Minolta, 24-70 Zeiss, 70-400 Sony G, 100mm Macro

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