I love riding on my trike for a few day’s on longer tours. This tour was rather long with a big focus on riding and less on taking pictures or enjoying the areas I did ride through. Don’t get me wrong I really had a lot of fun but spent 8hours or more ever day riding my bike. This made for long days.

There was little time to left to focus on photography that would change if do my next ride. I would set a goal of 50km a day or 3-4hours of very easy riding and spend the rest looking for the nice picture and visiting more. This means I may have to give up my trike. It is not all that easy to leave it on the side of the road to lock it up.

Getting ready for the tour

The Swiss trains ( SBB) are very convenient to get anywhere in Switzerland there is usually a station within 10miles of any point in the country(this is a big comfort when things go wrong, as they eventually will) This time I did shim my trike in advance to get the faster train from Geneva to Brig. From Brig to Andermatt there is either the Glacier express or the local train. I was in the bike car of the local train. it takes its time and there was a chance to take a few pictures on the way

At the train station in Andermatt I picked up my trike and headed to the hotel. The village is really small and everything is rather expensive. I had just enough time for a walk and dinner the next morning I wanted leave early to climb the oberalp

Day 1 Climbing up the Oberalp early in the morning and then racing down the other side until Dornbirn in Austria with a short cross over to Lichtenstein to grab some food (it was the national day in Switzerland

Day 2 From Dornbirn to Waldshut in Germany

Day 3 From Waldshut to Neuchatel

Day 4 Neuchatel to Bavois (Thunderstorm and train ride to Coppet) Coppet – Home

Most picture where shot with my Blackberry Phone. A few from the train and in Andermatt where take with the Sony HX-100.

The complete write up of the story can be found at crazy guy on a bike

or videos of parts of the ride of day 1 on youtube

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