This morning early start. It is not raining but there are big clouds on the sky.

I decide to ride the bike. Now the bike route No2 is really pleasant. very narrow roads or trails most paved or easy to ride. compared the the previous 2 day’s I make great progress it is mostly flat or downhill.

I speed along stop to talk to some other riders. see 2 deers grazing next to the bike path (and my camera was not ready. Really bone tired I plan the end of the ride for Sierre, Sion then Martingy. Bit I feel good and there is no rain just a few drops here and there.

I make up my mind this ride can only end once I reach lake Geneva. I finally reach the lake at Villeneuve, pass chateau Chillon , I know these roads, I ride to the Montreux railway station and call it then end of the trip.

I barely miss the direct train to Geneva and have to change in Lausanne. While in the train we go through some pretty hefty rain. I am rather happy to avoid these. Back in Geneva I ride home and get wet on the last 3km noting too bad just enough to wash away the worst of the dirt.

Total for the last day 150km +1012m 6h14

Profile and map for the last day


For those interested I have zipped the power output files from the ibike klaus_6day_swisstour_ibike

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