The morning started great 20C sunshine and only a few clouds. By 15:00 it was getting dark outside from the clouds, at 15:45 rain started to come down on Rome pretty hard. So much for the photo walk.

By 19:00 I was back to the hotel and it had stopped raining. Lets try to beat the rain for a few pictures. Change clotes, grab the camera bag and get the netxt metro to the Colosseum. I manage to take a few pictures and it seems the rain wants to come back. I try to get the metro but would have to buy a new fare. I decide to walk along towards the river and then to Piazza de Spagna. I was lucky the rain did not come back.

Just of the Colosseum on the Circo Massimo, I saw helicopters trucks and boats from the army. Perfect setting to take some dramatic photos .The place is fenced but there are spots to get in. While looking around I saw the army patrol the area heavily armed. Getting arrested or shot in Rome is not on the plan,  no dramatic Scott Kellby helicopter shots tonight.

Overall I did walk about 7km in 4hours and did take about 80 pictures.

It was a bit strange to get looks from people when I did try to setup my gear in weird places or tried some light painting with my cell phone.

I did limit my shots and did focus on the composition.

Some of the pictures for HDR pictures still need to be processed.

Hope you enjoy these pictures. They are mostly out of the camera but in some I got carried away by my new Tabled and did major things like remove trash, leaves (next time I remove them before I take the pictures), In others I did remove some of the antennas to remove clutter from the sky and make it more pleasing.

One thought on “Day 2 in Rome Picture day or Rain and TV night ?

  1. Klaus, This is Excellent Photography. I like the warm Tungsten Effect. Oh the Moon showing thru the Building Opening. All A 850 work right. I wish we had old historic buildings like that. Good luck. Get A77 soon.

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