FC Kosova – FC Lancy Junior A

Après plus d’une semaine de repos forcé c’était trops bon de se retoruver dehors à prendre des photos.J’ai manqué de mobilité pour prendre les photos au plus près mais voici la sélection du jour. Un match avec beaucoup d’engagement et de tension aussi. On voit que c’est le retour des vacances et que il faut se remettre au travail.

La galerie avec toute les images (elles sont gratuites)

It was great to be back outside at a game after a whole week of rest and total inaction. I was still not in great shape and could not cover the game from the perfect angle. The selection of the day. The game was tense with a lot of effort on both sides. It is the back from the holiday time and a lot of work to perfect the game.

Photographically I took my 70-200 to travel as light as possible. Because of this I did shoot a lot in Jpeg and using the digital zoom(I love it but the original button is pretty use less, it is great that one can change these settings). It was a good session even if the AF was in a mood to focus on the background or fences(I need to work more with the object tracking AF)

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