FC Aire Féminie – Lancy Fraisier Juniors C

J’ai beaucoup hesité à sortir photographer ce match. Une première mi-temps avec quelques goutes et dès le début de la mi-temps un déluge avec une pluie continue. A l’abri sur le banc de touches libre j’ai réussi prendre quelques images malgré un temps pas terrible.

Les meilleures images :


I was really not too eager to go out to shoo this match. The first half had some light drizzle. At half time the down pour started and did not stop until the end of the game. Had it not been for the free covered bench on the side line I would have called it a day.


Photographically it was a good day, using the digital zoom was great to work with the 70-200f 2.8

Once draw back is that in S mode I set the speed to 1/1000s and some how the camera increases the ISO before lowering the F-stop. I need to check the menu if there is an option to tell it f2.8 1/1000s auto ISO

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