I was over the week-end in New-York and was looking for photography. Looking for events I did come across the Zombie walk in Astoria, a few e-mail exchanges and  I was read to be part of this.

Meeting at noon at Square four people getting their make up done, pictures taken and getting into the Zombie mood with lots of laughter, food and drinks. Followed by a walk through the busiest street In astoria Steinway to scare a few people.

Finally after party at the Hell Gate Social, great music with many different bands.

New-Yorkers definitely know how to party and have a good time. It was totally awesome experience to be part of it.

Here a few pictures

The complete gallery with more than 1,000 pictures can be found here

For the whole day I was carrying my A850 and A77 with the 24-70 and 70-200 lens. On the walk and inside the club I did use my external flash with the rogue flashbender. The bands where shot without flash (except when they where doing the sound check) and a few while playing, I got annoyed by all other photographers using their flash. I ran through a few batteries, having the charger did help.


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