Genève Servette – Fribourg Gotteron (0-3)

Today was a special day. It was my first day shooting the local Ice Hockey Team Genève Servette.

I got there on time and after getting my credentials and parking card. I was on my way to discover the venue. The different areas, check-points, ….

To make matters more interesting I had some new gear that I had not yet used in such a setting with action in low light. Funny how the settings are revered between my 2 cameras Something that needs to be fixed.

A small sample of pictures that did not make my cut for the client.

My new Sigma 15mm fish-eye for the very wides views was also part of the kit. The only thing missing is my new camera strap.

Being there on assignment for the team, there are a number or pictures of specific non game related things for me to shoot. I had a great time. Lost a bit of time here and there trying to navigate the different areas and shooting spots.

One of the reasons to buy the Sony A99 was to be able to shoot at this kind of venue in low light. Well the A99 did deliver here. The AF tracking menu is incredibly long. I have to say that with 3D assist I did not recognize my 70-200mm lens. It was tracking the players with no problems even if the action was way of the center where the AF points are .

Battery life, pretty good 1 battery lasted me the whole game. I had turned Power saving to 30minutes

There seems however to bee some kind of firmware issue with the A99 compared to the A77. I had more cases with the A99 where the EVF was plain black and took 1second to come back to life. With the saving mode set to 30 minutes it did seem better but still not as smooth as the A77.

As for the 15mm I think I could easily abuse this lens. Definitely fun to use to show large crowds.

The 24-70 did deliver as usual no complaints there, The A77 worked well on the job but the image quality is definitely not as good as on the A99.

EVF only night. For the very first time I had only EVF camera’s with me at the game. I have to say they are pretty good when one switched from the bright ice to the dark areas of the stadium. It is just a tool but definitely an interesting one in this specific case. Having left my A77 with preview effects of last week-end and ruining a few shots. I was very careful this time checking booth EVF and readings for proper exposure.


Looking forward for the next game

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