I was given the chance to take pictures of the World-cup qualifying game between Switzerland and Cyrus which Switzerland had to win to keep all the chances to make the cut for the World-cup in Brazil 2014.

Before making it to the game I had already spend 5hours taking pictures of a Tournament for a local soccer club and 4hours the night before.

It was nice to see the stadium not full but reasonably filled with people. The red and white crowd was no match for the Brazilian or Italian fans. There was however a good vibe in the Stadium.

On the field there was a lot of action but only 1 Goal for Switzerland. Well deserved after all the missed attempts.

More pictures in this gallery

I had only 1 A99 on the field with the 70-400 covered by the lenscoat rain cover since it was raining AGAIN. I have to thank the people who go out of their way to make it possible to get access to the games and captures theses images. I hope they are happy with what they get from me and that I will be invited for many more events

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