Brazil – Italy (2-2) Friendly Game

There are some offers that are impossible to resist. I got an e-mail asking if I wanted to be an official photographer for the Game Brazil-Italy. There is only 1 possible answer : “YEEESSSS” It was actually not that easy to make it happen, this will be a different post.

We had a whole lengthy list of required pictures. I was shooting from 16:30 until 23:00 almost non stop. Some pictures from the game and the crowd.
The stadium is much more fun with 27,500 people than 2,700. And what a night. Brazil leading 2-0 before Italy had a comeback.

Photography wise: I had a very wide range of gear. I had to shoot architecture, action, some very wide angles, … I had my 2 A99, the 24-70, 15, 70-200, 70-400(which really appreciated), my flash, my tripod, monopod, lee filters (I know it is bizzare but required to get the right exposure of the stadium and the crowd) all this in my Trusted think tank pouches and the Lowepro Lens exchanger (would be nice to get an XL version for my big glass

Me with part of the gear (I got rid of the tripod and mono-pod and filters

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