Another local game (after last weeks outside win) the hopes where high for a local win. After 4minutes it was already 0-1

The selected pictures from the game.

Sony SLT-A99 + Sony 70-400f4-5.5G + 1.4 Minolta Tele-Converter it turns the  70-400  a 560mm f8 it is a little soft as you will can see on this shot.

Photographically I was finally able to test my Minolta 1.4 Tele-converter t The 70-200 turns into a f4. Having read the importance of fast glass and looked at all the very expensive tele lenses. I am sticking with my gear for now. Maybe an new APS-C sensor camera when it is released (to get the benefit of the 1.4 factor and not the drawback. IF I ever buy / upgrade it is going to be for faster and accurate AF and only then for faster lenses.

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