Day1 Oberammergau-Nesselwangen

My first day of my trike ride back home after the wedding and all the eating a little exercise would be exactly what the doctor has ordered.

Leaving am 10am after the farewell of all the family and I am on the road. Through the village of Oberammergau. I find the bike path very easily, bad news it is not paved but hard gravel. Still good enough to make some progress. The sky is cloudy but it should stay dry for the day.

The pike path to Unterammergau is not paved and some poodles of the recent rain but possible to ride. Bike path signs are rare and it is not easy to find the bike path to unternoog. Once on the trail I meet to other bikers on their 2 day 260km tour. We ride a few km together until they decide for the trail in the woods and I stick with the road to the Wies Kirche. Signs have disappeared. I am riding many different roads and finally  find the way over a trail that seems more off-road than road. One decent in big rocks was rather ineresting but I finally make it to the church. IT seems smaler than the last time I was there like 25years ago and is a bit of construction going on.

Time to find my way to the Königsee-Bodensee Radweeg.This is rather easy to find but still not well marked.

14h30 very bad stomach cramps. I stop at the next bakery for some salty bread with ham and a sue of their restrooms. I feel pretty miserable and as soon as I walk out I get a serious asthma attack. It takes me 5 Ventolin doses to recover somewhat, not easy to ride in this condition with 7-10% bumps along the way, and at times no pavement.

16h30 Finally in Nesselwangen (not as far as I had planned but to exhausted to continue. Firs bike and bed hotel is full but the Tourism Office finds me a great hotel with a garage for the bike. 88km, +1004m 4h54

Shower  and a walk through town with cake at the local bakery.

Bought a more detailed bike map of the area. After dinner for an early rest.

Profile of the ride for the day the last 20 or so KM are missing apparently the GPS tracker wnet on strike



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