Day 4 Chur – Oberalp – Andermatt

This morning big clouds, road soaking wet for the rain over night. My legs and knees are hurting.

Breakfast, getting the bike ready and pondering the options Train or ride ? I miss the 8am Train and there is really no point in waiting 1horu for the next so back in the bike.

After 8km first navigation error and +60m climb for nothing back on to bike route number 2 (


In Illanz 2nd breakfast 2 salty croissants with ham and one with almonds. No more High-5 4/1 energy drink. I try the Hammer perpetum “neutral” it tastes like soap water.

After Illantz the no2 bike path is more like an off road trail. I get some dust stuck in my chain and the bike gets very slow. There are endless 7% climbs

Tschamut stop for a croissant and some water, outrageously expensive 3.70

5km of more 9% climb to the summit with steep corners. The last 1km I talked to a lady who was walking next to me. Finally the Oberalp. Put back my arms on the jacket, Quick picture and ready for a huge descent towards Antimatter.

Found a hotel but with no garage for the trike. Shower, supermarket for snacks, road planning while it rain’s

Total for the day 105km +2386m 7h54

Dinner talking to another bike who just spent a week riding the different passes around Andermatt. and an early night

Nice trick to use. I had some stamped envelopes with my home address and in the morning I sent back all the maps, receipts and write ups I no longer needed. It is not a big deal in weight but makes it easy to find things and make one feel lighter.

Profile and map of the day. Almost straight and up most of the time.

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