Shooting with a Model in Paris

I had the opportunity to shoot with a model (a guy so don’t get carried away). Once everything was arrange I did pack all my gear (except the flash hot shoe adapter not critical)

Once I Paris I did drop my suit case at the railway station and headed to our meeting point. Station Notre-Dame.
Any I idea I may have had for this session where shattered by reality. High-noon burning white sun and thousand’s of tourists not the ideal place you would think.

There is however one quiet place just bellow next to the seine there is a paved walkway which is shaded by the boardwalk above. All the other people picked the other side in Full sunshine.
In the 2 hours we did shoot a few different looks and angles. In the end I had around 400 pictures (many un-sharp or with the wrong exposure due to the big difference in lighting). It was a great experience and fun as well.

After sorting through the pictures and deleting all the terrible ones. I ended up with a few not so bad ones and a few that did seem OK. The post processing with GIMP did take me to a completely new level. Spending over 2 hours one some of the pics. The wacom Tablet was amazing to fix the many small things.

A few lessons learned :

  1. Be more directive with the model
  2. Watch out of background
  3. Composition is key
  4. Fixing things in camera takes seconds it takes hours in Gimp/Photoshop
  5. What you see in the viewfinder/LCD is not what the picture looks like on the PC
  6. Be careful with high contrasts and exposures (that did take the longest to fix in the PC
  7. Have fun while you are learning

Many thanks to Babacar for his time and patience you can find him here

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