Coca-Cola Junior League A FC UGS Genève – Plan-les-Ouates

C’est la rentrée et le début des championats. Comme il fesait beau un petit saut aux Cherpines pour reprendre la main pour des photos de foot

Plus d’images sont disponibles (gratuitement) dans ma galérie

It is back to school time, all the sport seasons are starting again. It was a nice sunny day and I headed back to the local Cherpines field to get back into sports Photography. It was not a piece of cake, I did struggle go get the right player/action in focus (it was really my fault), the background is in may cases not all that pleasing, the action seemed to take place on the other side of the field. Nevertheless a few nice shots anyway. The A77 is really great, but the A850 viewfinder is really stunning.

More pictures are available in my new Gallery which I am currently setting up

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