Supercars and Models

Recently there was a possibility to shoot supercars and models about 2km(1.3miles) from my home. We did go there with my wife to shoot a few pictures. There where 24 other shooter with us. To say it was busy would be an understatement. We stayed only for the free part and not interested to pay for the artistic nude part.

It was a challenge. I came home with shots that I thought where pretty bad and that the pictures from my wife did look much better. We shared the proofs with the models and got the request to process a few of them. Interesting is that mine shot with the A850 did look a lot better after post processing. It seems as if I lost more details and added more artifacts on the shots of my wife.

Here the pictures I did finally process and share with the model. I am not totally happy with the result but they are ok.

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